Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid Symptoms And Treatment

If you experience a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, it can be an extremely painful condition. This is caused by an external hemorrhoid that contains blood clots, and it is also known as a hematoma. Here is information on symptoms, treatment, and prevention of thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Understanding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are blood vessels within the anus that become swollen. Some are inside the anus, while others are visible on the outside of the anus. The latter are also known as external hemorrhoids.The visible ones are the ones that usually cause pain.

By the time one is fifty years of age in the United States, there is a fifty percent chance of developing hemorrhoids or piles. The actual cause is unknown, but some people may have genetic tendencies to develop them.

Pressure in the abdomen may be a factor in developing swollen anal veins. This can be from being overweight or pregnant. If a person stands or sits for long periods of time, this may contribute to piles.

Diet may have a lot to do with piles, as a low fiber diet can make elimination difficult. Straining at the stool can irritate blood vessels in the anus. This may contribute to pain and swelling.

It is believed that heavy lifting can contribute to piles. Any kind of heavy manual labor may cause these kinds of problems. This includes lifting heavy weights during exercise, also.

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

You may experience a large mass on the rectum. This may be caused by blood clots that develop in the vein. This can cause swelling and a purple appearance, and can result in a lot of pain. It can make bowel movements difficult, as well as painful.

Although the condition may look severe, in most cases, it is not. Often times they will improve and go away in about a week or so. However, the vein may bleed quite a bit, and it may be a good idea to see a doctor. Your doctor can tell you if your condition is serious enough for medical intervention. Also, any time that you experience rectal bleeding, you should consult a medical professional. It could be the sign of a more serious condition.

Home Treatment

There are treatments that can be done in the home. For example, warm baths may help to alleviate the swelling and the pain. This can also help to keep the hemorrhoid clean, as proper hygiene is very important. In some cases, swelling can be severe, and this can make sitting almost impossible. A person can still take warm baths, but may need to sit on the knees, or find the most comfortable position for bathing. These sitz baths can be taken several times a day.

In addition to heat therapy from sitz baths, one may wish to try ice a few times a day. Ice is very good for swelling and inflammation. Ice can also be very good for pain, as the cold can reduce the circulation in the inflamed blood vessel, and this can help a great deal with painful nerves, by making them numb.

Various stool softening medications may make elimination easier, and thus reduce irritation and swelling. If a person is not getting enough fiber in their diet, it may help to increase fiber intake. This can make elimination easier, and facilitate healing.

Drinking plenty of water is also good for the problem. It keeps the body properly hydrated. This can actually assist in softening the stools.

Although it may seem counterproductive for pain, walking can be beneficial. Many doctors recommend walking as exercise for this problem. Of course, this depends on how much pain one is in, and if it makes the pain worse or not.

Medical Treatment Options

When you visit your doctor, you may have several treatment options. The doctor will thoroughly examine the problem. You also can discuss which options are best.

Rubber Band Therapy for Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

Rubber band intervention is a common treatment for thrombosed external hemorrhoids. This is a non surgical method that has been used for many centuries. The basic purpose of the procedure is to cut the circulation off to the inflamed vein. This reduces blood flow and inflammation. Rubber bands are inserted to tie off the blood flow to the swollen vein.

What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy works on the same principle as rubber band therapy. A fixative agent is injected into the swollen vein. This scars the tissue in the vein and restricts the blood flow. This is typically done for hemorrhoids that are not large enough for rubber band therapy. Eventually the vein shrinks and dries out, and the body absorbs it.

What About Surgery?

Surgery for an external thrombosed hemorrhoid is used as a last resort, but sometimes it is necessary. In some procedures, the hemorrhoid is simply surgically removed. Recovery is slow and very painful. However there is a newer procedure that removes the surrounding tissue, instead of the actual vein. It is a quicker procedure, and healing is usually much faster than older methods. It is important to talk to your doctor about surgical risks, and the type of anesthesia used.


Prevention is very important, as it can spare you a great deal of pain and discomfort. If one is not eating a great deal of fiber, it is a good idea to make some permanent changes. Drinking more water is another lifestyle change to consider, as it can make elimination easier on the body. If a person spends all day on their feet, they might consider a change in their profession. If people sit all day at a desk, they should consider more frequent breaks and exercise.


A thrombosed external hemorrhoid can be a very painful condition. It is caused when an anal vein is swollen and blood clots form inside. This causes a great deal of swelling, pain, sensitivity, and discomfort. Although it may appear bad, most cases are not serious. You may be able to treat it with heat, in the form of frequent warm baths. You also may find some pain relief with application of ice, a few times a day. This also may help with swelling. Your doctor may recommend therapy that will cut the circulation to the hemorrhoid, and get rid of the problem. However, in some cases, surgery is necessary, and recovery can be quite painful.

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