Laser Surgery For Hemorrhoids

There has been a lot written in the last few years about laser surgery for hemorrhoids. All the published articles discuss the high success and approval rates for this surgical method to get rid of hemorrhoids. If someone is suffering from hemorrhoids and has unsuccessfully tried a number of other remedies, laser surgery for hemorrhoids may be the best solution.

Types Of Laser Surgery For Hemorrhoids

There are three different methods of laser surgery for hemorrhoids that doctors may utilize:

•    Infrared Photocoagulation is where there is an infrared laser that is directed at the dilated hemorrhoid veins causing them to clot. The hemorrhoids shrink because blood flow is inhibited.

•    Laser Coagulation applies an electric current right to the hemorrhoids. This causes the onset of a chemical reaction that stops the blood flow and shrinks the inflammation associated with the hemorrhoid.

•    Hemorrhoidectomy removes hemorrhoids using a laser. This laser surgery procedure is often the last one doctors go to because  there can be some medical complications resulting afterwards.

Benefits of Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids

There are many advantages associated with laser surgery for hemorrhoids. Here is the list of them:

•    In a majority of laser surgery for hemorrhoids cases, it is a very non-painful process. While there is some pain associated with a hemorrhoidectomy, if people treat the area right after the procedure is over and follow all the instructions of the doctor, there should be minimal pain.

•    In just about all cases of laser surgery for hemorrhoids, there is no need for hospitalization. Most procedures are in-patient. The only reason an individual would stay is if there are any complications, to which there are very, very few. Most patients are often discharged a few hours after the surgery, after the medical professional who performed the procedure gives the go ahead.

•    It is a very safe procedure as there is no smoke and no steam utilized at all. There is also no possibility of sparks. There is just the laser.

•    Because a laser is used during the surgical process, there is very minimal bleeding. Unlike using other surgical tools that cut, as a laser is being used, it not only cuts off the hemorrhoid, but it also seals the blood vessel as well. All people are left with is a very small scar.

•    The tissue located around the area where the hemorrhoids are remains untouched during the laser surgery procedure. Tissue death during hemorrhoidal surgery can lead to future complications, especially within the walls of the person’s rectum. With a laser, the medical professional can be spot on what needs to be cut, greatly lessening this potential complication.

•    Lasers come in all shapes and sizes, including wide beam lasers and narrow band lasers. This allows the medical professional to customize the surgical process by choosing the laser that best fits the situation.

•    The medical professional does not have to do as much work with laser surgery for hemorrhoids, so the procedure takes up a lot less time.

•    Wounds created by the surgical procedure heal at a much quicker pace when lasers are used.

Disadvantages Of the Laser Surgery For Hemorrhoids Procedure

With any good there is some bad, and this includes surgical procedures. It is therefore important to list some of the disadvantages of laser surgery for hemorrhoids so people can have the full picture.

•    Unfortunately, the laser equipment utilized for this type of surgery is extremely costly. Therefore, it is not available all around the world because, aside from being costly to purchase, it is also extremely costly to maintain.

•    Because a laser is being used, doctors have to wear special items for protection, including special gloves and goggles.

•    There have been a few occasions, though extremely rare, where the laser caused the onset of a small fire in the surgical room.

•    If bleeding occurs at some point during the  surgery, preventing the bleeding from continuing can be quite costly.

•    Insurance companies are not going to readily cover this procedure because of all the other possible treatments available that individuals can get on their own. Insurance often only covers laser surgery for hemorrhoids for extreme cases. If insurance does not cover it, individuals getting the surgery may have to prepare for shelling out a lot of money.

Many people first opt for more natural remedies as well as ointments and creams from their local pharmacy before undergoing laser surgery for hemorrhoids. It is not for everyone. Most doctors will not recommend it unless the sufferer has a serious hemorrhoidal condition. Before opting for laser surgery, it is best to speak to a medical professional and decide whether it is the best possible course of action.