How Long Does It Take Hemorrhoids To Heal?

Probably one of the first questions people ask when finding out they have hemorrhoids is how long does it take hemorrhoids to heal. Patients who undergo a number of treatments to remove hemorrhoids want to know how long it will take to get rid of this condition. When answering this question, the two things to take into account is how long the individual has been suffering from hemorrhoids and what type of treatment or treatments have been used.

Hemorrhoids, both internal and external, are veins that are abnormally enlarged in the anal and rectum region. This is not an infrequent condition. However, hemorrhoids can make a total recovery either by itself or with some type of treatment measures.

When a person suffers from hemorrhoids, they are usually recommended to utilize a mild soap to clean around the infected area after a bowel movement and then use talcum powder. To prevent the prolonging of hemorrhoids, it is not advisable to strain during a bowel movement. It is also recommended to add a lot of fiber to one’s diet as it will make the stool much softer and a person will be less apt to strain during a bowel movement.

The answer to the question, “How long does it take hemorrhoids to heal,” usually depends on the curative measures that are used to get rid of hemorrhoids. In cases of thrombosis, most medical professionals recommend sitz baths. Sit in a sitz bath for ten to 20 minutes at least four or five times a day. It provides direct relief and accelerates the healing process. Hemorrhoidal creams and ointments are also recommended when hemorrhoids are moderate. In this situation, healing can occur within a few days. The only thing is that medical professionals stress caution when using hemorrhoidal creams and ointments for long periods of time.

In the case of external hemorrhoid banding, rubber bands are used to bind hemorrhoids and stop the blood flow, causing the hemorrhoids to essentially wither away in day. When this hemorrhoids treatment is used, it can take anywhere between seven days to two weeks for the hemorrhoids to heal and a scar to form where the hemorrhoid once was. It is one of the least painful medical treatments and one of the most popular for mild external hemorrhoids.

Some doctors, for more severe forms of hemorrhoids, other treatments, such as infrared lights and lasers are utilized. These produce heat along the hemorrhoid and work to coagulate it. For this procedure, it takes quite a few weeks for the hemorrhoids to heal and it can be quite painful – both during the procedure as well as into the recovery process.

If a person is suffering from severe hemorrhoids and other treatments have proved to be unsuccessful, the only other option left is surgery, known as a hemorrhoidectomy. This surgical procedure is often carried out when the hemorrhoidal veins have become thrombosed. If the hemorrhoid is bleeding especially, then often surgery is the only option. Surgeons remove the hemorrhoid and it can take between three and four weeks to recover. Much like the previous option, recovery can be quite painful and there are some inherent risks to be aware of.

Always speak to a medical specialist before determining which hemorrhoid treatment is the best fit. The medical specialist will be able to provide the necessary insight on what to do and how long it will take the hemorrhoids to heal. If a person has tried one option but does not get any relief, they should seek medical attention and inquire about other options.

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