Bleeding Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are small blood vessels located within a person’s rectal area that have become very swollen. Hemorrhoids usually vary in size – anywhere from a pea to something as large as a grape. The hemorrhoids can be settled inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) or protrude into one’s anus (external hemorrhoids). Hemorrhoids are very uncomfortable and often extremely painful. During bowel movements, they may even cause the rectum to bleed.

Bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy are quite common, especially in the third trimester of carrying a baby. For some women, pregnancy is the very first time that they will experience hemorrhoids. If women have had hemorrhoids prior to being pregnant, there is a likely chance that they will have bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy. These hemorrhoids may even develop while a woman is pushing throughout their second stage of labor and are also common after giving birth as well.

Why Are Bleeding Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy Common?

Women who are pregnant are much more susceptible to hemorrhoids. The growing uterus exerts extreme pressure along the pelvic veins as well as the inferior vena cava, the large vein that flows along the body’s right side and gets blood flow from the body’s lower limbs. This slows down the ability of blood to return from the body’s lower half, thereby increasing pressure on all veins located below the uterus. This causes the veins to become swollen or dilated.

Overweight and obese women are more at risk of getting bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy. This is because the additional weight adds increased pressure to blood vessels around the anus region. For obese pregnant women, it is highly advisable to lie on their left side for approximately 20 minute at least once every four to six hours.

Many women also suffer from constipation during pregnancy. This can also start to aggravate and/or cause hemorrhoids to occur. The straining leads to the creation of hemorrhoids. As well, the increase in the progesterone hormone throughout the nine months of pregnancy will cause the walls of veins to begin to relax. This allows them to swell much quicker and the hormone also contributes to the increase in the possibility of constipation as it slows the intestinal tract.

How to Relieve Bleeding Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

One of the easiest ways to relieve hemorrhoids throughout a pregnant is to eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water. Many times, hemorrhoids can easily and effectively be treated when pregnant women adopt a healthy lifestyle. This includes getting just the right about of fiber in the diet, including fresh vegetables and fruits, especially bananas, apples, strawberries, kale and brussel sprouts. Foods rich in fiber soften stool, making it easier to move bowels without straining.

Fluid intake really needs to be watched. Not enough fluid, especially water, will increase the hardness of stools. This increases the pressure a pregnant woman must exert to move her bowels. Always keep proper hydration in mind and steer clear of caffeinated beverages.

As well, foods with high sodium content will cause fluid retention. This makes the body swell up. Blood vessels also swell, causing hemorrhoids to form. Be careful about how much salt is used in the diet.

Do Not Strain During Bowel Movements

Another way to relieve hemorrhoids is to not strain during a bowel movement of visit the toilet before your bowel movement. Straining on the toilet, for any person, is a major cause of hemorrhoids. If a pregnant woman is constipated, then they need to figure out why they are constipated. Often times it is due to lack of proper diet and fluids. Pregnant women might need the assistance of a diuretic or stool softener. However, before purchasing one, ask a medical professional which diuretic is best for pregnant women.

Never hold in a bowel movement. Visit the bathroom as soon as the bowel movement is about to begin. Pregnant women should not hold it in just because they are at a public place or in a friend’s home.

Take Warm Baths

One last way to relieve bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy is to take warm baths a few times a day and keep the area clean. A warm bath is a great opportunity to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with bleeding hemorrhoids. All a person needs is just a few inches of water, keeping their knees up.

It is considered the most effective natural treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy or for any individual for that matter. It reduces the size of the swollen veins and increases the flow of blood in the area.

It also provides an opportunity to ensure the whole area is hygienic and clean. As well, after bowel movements, do not use regular toilet paper but look into moist towelettes, like baby wipes. These will not irritate the area. Just make sure the moist towelettes do not contain any perfumes or alcohol.

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