External Hemorrhoid Banding

A common way to eliminate external hemorrhoids is external hemorrhoid banding ligation. Many medical professionals recommend it because it is non invasive and the least painful of all non-medication treatments. External hemorrhoid banding is usually considered when other hemorrhoid treatments have failed to work.

How Does External Hemorrhoid Banding Work?

If a person undergoes external hemorrhoid banding, they only need a local anesthesia that is used to numb the area where the hemorrhoid is. Individuals are actually awake throughout the procedure but feel little to know pain, just some added pressure.

The First Step Is The Use Of An Anoscope

The first step of external hemorrhoid banding is to have an anoscope inserted. This is a tube-shaped instrument that has a light connected to it. It allows the doctor to see inside the anus and locate the exposed hemorrhoids. Most medical professionals first start with the largest hemorrhoid and hold it in place with an instrument while one or two very small rubber bands are placed around the base. The action of the rubber band cuts off the blood circulation to the hemorrhoid, which will cause it to eventually shrivel up and fall off. Eventually the band will also fall off. A scar will be in place of the hemorrhoid which will maintain the place of the blood vessels so they do not begin to protrude right into the anal canal.

What If There Is Pain Involved?

If the medical professional performing the banding procedure notices that the individual is going through any pain when the hemorrhoid is grabbed by the band, they will stop the procedure. If there is pain, it means the individual will suffer from even more pain when the procedure is complete. A too tight rubber band can cause extreme discomfort but the medical professional can inject a type of pain medication to the banded external hemorrhoid to decrease the pain and discomfort.

Most medical professionals doing the external hemorrhoid banding procedure recommend only doing up to two hemorrhoids at a time, Having too many hemorrhoids banded at once often results in extreme pain and will require general anesthesia instead of just local anesthesia. Even though having hemorrhoids can be extremely uncomfortable, it can be made even worse by having too many external hemorrhoid banding procedures done at one time.

Recovering From External Hemorrhoid Banding

Once the external hemorrhoid banding procedure is completed, most people feel a bit of pain for the first 24 to 48 hours after. Individuals should also expect to feel a fullness sensation long the lower abdomen and the feeling of needing move bowels. It may also be difficult to urinate and control bowel and gas movements.

Those who are undergoing the external hemorrhoid banding procedure should expect to see some minimal bleeding for up to two weeks after. It takes up to two weeks for the body to heal. Most likely three to four weeks after the procedure, the medical professional that did the external hemorrhoid banding will want to have a follow up and check the area to see how it is heeling.

Recommendations While Recovering From External Hemorrhoid Banding

During recovery, it is recommended to take pain relief medications and a warm bath from ten to 15 minutes every four hours or after a bowel movement to further relieve any discomfort. The bath will also cleanse the wound.

Individuals should not strain during bowel movements. This causes a return of the hemorrhoid. It may be beneficial to invest in a stool softener as well as increase intake of water and fiber. Exercise is able good way to combat the possibility of constipation. Always go to the bathroom as soon as the urge to move bowels approaches.

Up to two weeks after the external hemorrhoid banding procedure, individuals need to avoid lifting heavy objects. It can cause the body to become strained and allow for the reemergence of hemorrhoids.

What To Do If External Hemorrhoid Banding Does Not Work?

If individuals have a number of external hemorrhoid banding treatments and the hemorrhoids still exist, it is important to speak to a medical professional to look for an alternative solution. More often than not, the medical professional will recommend a hemorrhoidectomy. It is a surgical procedure that permanently removes all hemorrhoids. The negative side of a hemorrhoidectomy is that it can be very expensive and very painful, more so than external hemorrhoid banding. It also requires a much longer period of recovery and more risks.

Prior to turning to a doctor for external hemorrhoid banding, always investigate other possible alternative, especially if the hemorrhoids are mild. Sometimes looking into other options first will decrease the embarrassment of visiting a doctor or paying a lot of money for hemorrhoid removal procedures.

Though there are minimal side effects associated with hemorrhoid banding, if not taken care of properly, it can lead to an infection in the area and the regrowth of new hemorrhoids.


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