What Is The Most Effective External Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Hemorrhoids are a common problem in today’s society. About 45% of the total population develop hemorrhoids under the age of 50. A majority of these are suffering from external hemorrhoids. By definition, external hemorrhoids are swollen veins that start with a soft lump which will eventually harden just outside the anus. The lumps vary from a simple-looking sore to blood clots. These are very painful, especially when you need to take a trip to the bathroom for a bowel movement or when you are always on the move.

How You Can Get Hemorrhoids

There are certain triggers that cause external hemorrhoids. They often appear when you overstrain yourself during bowel movements; obesity or external hemorrhoidsoverweight, pregnancy, continuous episodes of diarrhea, and liver cirrhosis. The latter only happens in rare cases. But whatever the cause may be for getting this problem, the treatment is still the same.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

It is very important to note that prevention is always better than cure when you are suffering from hemorrhoids. You need to know the cause of this problem so you can take preventive measures to ease the treatment. If the cause is overweight or obesity, then you need to cut down on your eating habits to reduce the problem and to lessen the size of the lump or the clot to simplify the treatment.

Another preventive measure is to regulate your bowel movements by eating the right foods and doing the proper exercise. You can jog or take a fast walk for 20 minutes to sweat out excess toxins and to regulate the metabolism of your digestive system for regular bowel movements. Drink plenty of water to avoid too many solids from forming in your digestive tract, as well as using lubricants to ease the bowel. These include petroleum jelly, liver or mineral oil, and those suggested by your medical expert.

Surgical Method

There are two main types of external hemorrhoid treatment — surgery or natural remedies. Surgery is often used when the hemorrhoid is already in an advanced stage. This is also the perfect treatment method for those who want quick relief of the problem — and those with enough money to get rid of it in one go.

Surgical treatment should always start with a consultation with your doctor. He or she will make you undergo a physical examination and laboratory tests hemorrhoids symptomsto determine if you are fit for the operation to get rid of your hemorrhoids. If you prefer a less intrusive way to get rid of your problem, then you might want to consider doing it the natural way.

Natural Herbal Remedy

A popular form of external hemorrhoid treatment is through the use of natural remedies. First, take the necessary steps to make your home and work area as hygienic as possible, especially where you usually sit down. Your diet should be carefully regulated to include high-fiber meals, like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Stop eating junk food that is saturated with chemicals that will most likely ruin your digestion. You should get rid of your drinking habit as well if you have one. Alcohol drinkers and smokers are more prone to external hemorrhoids than overweight and obese individuals.

If your hemorrhoids have already formed, then make sure that you subject them to as little pressure as possible. Apply soothing creams or lubricants to avoid additional irritation. It is often suggested that you should  to sit on a bucket full of ice to get rid of the stinging pain.


Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Complications

All too common for many people, these symptoms have the potential to become much worse. Sometimes a hemorrhoid that is left untreated, given additional stress by becoming constipated, or having a coughing attack, can develop a clot.

What Are External Hemorrhoids Treatment

One best external hemorrhoids treatment is surgery or also known as the hemorrhoidectomy. In this surgical procedure, the swollen tissue is being scraped off using a scalpel.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Video by Dr. Jill Waldron, MD